Saturday, September 17, 2016

A stay at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

I spent my birthday hotel hanging in Hong Kong & Tokyo with my girl, Isabel of Pretty Frowns. We had so much fun exploring both cities, as we were hosted by Cathay Pacific & The Shangri-La Hotels. We stayed in one of their gorgeous suites, with stunning views over the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Plus breakfast in bed? I don't think it could have been any better! Here's some photos captured during our stay in our Hong Kong room, and also some of my favourite spots from our trip!

So, our Hong Kong adventure was so much fun! Firstly, I haven't been to Hong Kong in over ten years, so I was really excited to explore it, as I hardly remembered what it was like! I know I barely scratched the surface this trip, why is why I can't wait to get back, but here's some highlights from my five day trip to this wonderful city.

The Peak
On my first night in Hong Kong, I met up with my good friend Bryant, and we drove up to The Peak. For views, the peak is insane! It has one of the best views over the city. The only problem is that it is packed with tourists with selfie sticks, so be prepared to battle them if you'd like to take photos, let alone enjoy the view. 

Yum Cha at Central
Okay, so I had a lot of Yum Cha in Hong Kong, pretty much for breakfast & lunch everyday... Not complaining! Chinese is one of my favourite cuisines, possibly because I grew up eating it almost everyday, it's quite hard for me to get sick of it. We did experience one that was a little different from the traditional Yum Cha, from a restaurant called 'Yum Cha' in Central (confusing, I know!). Here, they do the cutest dim sums, and really unique asian dishes! To be honest, the cute buns are not that great taste-wise, but I feel like you have to order them just to try, hehe! However, I really enjoyed all the other dishes we ordered, and we ordered a lot to feed four people!

Oddies Foodies
I'm a dessert gal, so of course I'm sharing this one with you. This was so highly recommended to me by friends and on snapchat, so I made sure I got my fix of these HK Egg Waffles. They are really delicious and I would definitely recommend them. Make sure you get the 'Night Wolf'!

Flower Markets
Found this market place while exploring the Kowloon side. I don't know about you, but I love a good florist, so I've thrown this one in for something different. I mean, I never really buy flowers while travelling, but I always love people watching in local areas like this one. 

Emack & Boleos
Of course, another dessert spot. This is more fun over taste. If you want a gigantic cone of ice cream too big for your hand, you need to get to this spot, Emack & Boleos. 

Cheung Chau
Last but not least, my personal favourite, I took a day trip out to Cheung Chau with my friends Bryant and Oscar. This involved taking turns cycling each other around the Island on our not-so-stable group bicycle, eating fresh hot Chinese sausage buns, and also taking a moment to pause, cliffside to enjoy the calm ocean views with new friends. I'm so grateful that these guys brought me here. Oh, and if you do go, make sure you have the local sago desserts with peanut balls. Soooo good! 


  1. your photos are always looking soooo magical <3


  2. So sick, Tara.

    Can't wait to visit these places when I hit up HK!

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  4. Oh my gosh...😳✨
    Your photos are always breathtakingly beautiful!!

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