Monday, February 15, 2016

Living life on the run... It's tough isn't it? Not the criminal kind, but the 'I have too many commitments' kind, which is basically committing a crime against your skin anyway!

Having spent the past month in transit, I am so done with that gross and uncomfortable eye bag feeling. I feel it is strongest after taking short naps on planes. Even after a half hour plane nap, I can already feel my under eyes have gained a few kilos. Not fun.

Alas, I have found a solution! Clinique reached out to me to try out their new Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream. Oh man. I've always been a fan of Clinique's products (chubby sticks are my other essential!) but this bad boy takes the cake. The eye cream will save you two less bags to worry about when you pack for your next adventure. I have tried eye creams before, but nothing has ever had results as instant as this one. Please try it. You will genuinely thank me later. :)

I use it on mornings when it's been harder to get out of bed, and whenever my eyes feel tired, it really hydrates your skin and just perks you up. The best part about it, is that you can use it on the plane. It's the perfect size, which means it falls under the 100ml allowance, and will fit into any purse - or even your wallet! After taking a much needed nap on the plane, I recommend having a large glass of water, and applying the teeniest bit of Pep-Start to your bags, which will keep you refreshed, it's helped me kick that awkward half-asleep feeling so many times. I'm obsessed. 

See my pictures below to see how pocket perfect Clinique's Pep-Start Eye Cream is! Plus, if you would like to share your own #BagSpill you can go in the running to Win a $1000 Westfield Gift Card and Clinique Pep-Start Prize Pack by simply posting your bag spill flat-lay, tagging @clinique_oz with the following hashtags #pepstart #bagspill. T&Cs apply.

Blog Post in Partnership with Clinique

Thanks for tuning in! 

P.S. Sorry for the silence! Stay tuned as I'll be having a lot more updates on here from my travels! I'm off to Japan now, but the America diaries will be first! With videos! Wee!



  1. Its very good picture i like your photography

  2. Where is that map from, that you have on your wall above all your pens and notebooks

  3. Where is that map from, that you have on your wall above all your pens and notebooks