Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wow. What a week it has been! Dubai really has been one of the most rewarding holidays/campaigns/trips I've ever been on! So what did I do exactly? WHAT DID I DO?! It was such a massive trip, I had to go through my photos to remember exactly what happened. Also, my good friend Matt, vlogged our entire trip (legend!) - which is going to be an amazing keepsake, and you can check them out on Youtube over here. (click me!)

So, I spent one week in Dubai with nine other mega talented creatives thanks to Dubai Tourism as part of their #MyDubai campaign. And I'm so happy I was able to share this whirlwind adventure with you all on Instagram and Snapchat, as it has been such a fun one for me! And before I get into things, huge shoutout to Lauren Bath for hosting us on this trip. She is an amazing person, and I'm so thankful to her for this opportunity!

I've had to break these blogs up into two parts, because there's lots to share and I want to provide as much detail as possible! I would really love to know yours thoughts on this at the end! And please ask questions if you have any. Here goes. :)

Dubai Aquarium
Camel Milk tasting at Majilis Cafe
Sunset at Jumeirah open beach

We arrived in the early morning and checked in at Manzil Downtown. Manzil is an awesome and super central hotel.  It's a one minute walk from Dubai Mall, which is the most insane mall I've ever been to! I was really overwhelmed by all the architecture in Dubai, really. I mean, I've always heard from people that everything in Dubai is big. But no really, think big, and then quadruple that in your mind. And that is Dubai. Um. Yep.

So, Dubai Aquarium is really interesting. It was in the mall. Like you could be shopping (as you do) and then !HEY THERE! there is a massive aquarium in the middle of it. Again, only in Dubai. Haha!

After the aquarium, the girls headed to Majilis Cafe to taste camel milk products, which I really enjoyed! We tried cupcakes, pastries, ice cream and hot chocolate, all made using camel's milk! The pastries tasted delicious, and the milk itself tasted like ... a different brand of standard milk. It would be a similar experience to having drunk home brand milk your entire life, but then you suddenly switch to low fat milk or something. In my opinion at least. :)

We spent sunset at Jumeirah Open Beach, which has a really cool view of the Burj Al Arab - Dubai's most expensive hotel. 

The Palace Downtown Photo by Jarrad Seng
Dubai Aquarium Photo by Jarrad Seng

Dubai Aquarium Photo by Jarrad Seng
Dubai Aquarium Photo by Lauren Bath
Day trip to Hatta Hajjar Mountains
Sunset by the Burj Khalifa

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HAT Lack of Color

I had never been to mountains that just consist of rock and rubble, until Dubai. We woke up at 4am to head to Hatta Haajar Mountains for sunrise, which is a one and a half hour drive from downtown Dubai. About twenty minutes before reaching our destination, we had to drive over really rocky road. It was a very, very bumpy ride! As soon as we arrived, we all ran up the hills to get a good view/angle of the sun. The sun comes up pretty fast, so everyone wanted to be in position to get a good shot. To be honest, it's pretty dangerous as we climbed pretty darn high. I was wearing sandals - not recommended! Haha! The view was well worth it though! See below for the evidence!

Post-sunrise we visited a waterhole in the mountains and basically hung out there for a few hours. Upon return to the hotel, we enjoyed the rest of our day relaxing at the hotel, and checking out the mall where Lichi and I spent our monies on all the sweets on offer.

We spent sunset viewing the fountains outside the Burj Khalifa.

Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Hatter Hajjar Mountains Photo by Lauren Bath
 Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Jarrad Seng
Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Jarrad Seng
Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Matthew Vandeputte

Hatta Hajjar Mountains Photo by Jarrad Seng

Worldwide Instameet #12

Visiting Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

High Tea at Madinat Jumeirah
Sunset at Madinat Jumeirah Private Beach

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This was the day of the World Wide Instameet #12! For those of you who don't know, Instagram hosts two world wide Instameets per year. On this day, Instagram encourages people across the globe to meet and hang out with fellow Instagrammers in your city. I've never attended an official Instameet before, so it was really cool to experience my first ever meet in Dubai! 

Following the meet, we headed to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for lunch and a chat. This is a 
 place where tourists/outsiders are welcome to ask questions about the city, culture, lifestyle - basically anything you want to know about Dubai! This was one of the most interesting/rewarding experiences of the trip. You really can ask anything, in fact people are especially encouraged to ask questions that are considered taboo. Topics covered in our discussion included cultural dress, politics, poverty, religion, homosexuality etc. I walked away with a greater understanding of the culture, and really recommend this experience to anyone to wants to learn more about Dubai!

We had afternoon tea at the Madinat Jumeirah, an amazing hotel in Dubai, which also overlooks the Burj Al Arab. The hotel hosted us for high tea, which was probably the most creative/crazy high tea experience I've ever had! And for sunset, we headed to the hotel's private beach for a spectacular view of sunset.

Madinat Jumeirah Private Beach Photo by Jarrad Seng
Madinat Jumeirah Photo by Jarrad Seng
Madinat Jumeirah Photo by Hailey Bartholomew
Madinat Jumeirah Private Beach Photo by Melissa Findley

Sunrise at the Burj Khalifa
Check in to Bab Al Shams
Camel ride and desert sunset

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Okay, this was one of my favourite days! We started the day at the highest building in the world, and ended up spending the night in the middle of the desert. Dubai is just so diverse like that!

The Burj took my breath away. There's not much more to say, but hopefully the images show you why.

We checked out of Manzil after the Burj to head to Bab Al Shams resort, which is in the middle of the dessert! I had my first camel ride ever here (a really short one), which was so cool. I'll admit I was kind of terrified, but I'm so glad I did it. We shot sunset in basically the resort's backyard (the desert). This resort is HUGE, they even gave us a map when we arrived. We had to be driven on golf buggies to dinner, now that's saying something, no? The dinner here was one of the best. We were fed with traditional food in an all you can eat buffet style setting. Live music is performed while you eat, and at about 10pm, dances and performances take place while you are still eating. The atmosphere there was insane, and I highly recommend staying here for this purpose!

Burj Khalifa Photo by Jarrad Seng
Burj Khalifa Photo by Hailey Bartholomew

Burj Khalifa Photo by Jarrad Seng
Burj Khalifa Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Burj Khalifa Photo by Jarrad Seng
Sunset at Bab Al Shams Photo by Lauren Bath

Sunset at Bab Al Shams Photo by Lauren Bath

Sunset at Bab Al Shams Photo by Lauren Bath

Camel Ride at Bab Al Shams Photo by Hailey Bartholomew

Day at Babal Shams

So, did we get to relax and enjoy this amazing resort? Hell yeah we did. Pics of me pooling it out pre-massage treatment and spa are below.

I have a whole lot more to share with you guys - next blog coming up in a few days! Hang tight.

Bab Al Shams Resort Photo by Jarrad Seng
Bab Al Shams Resort Photo by Jarrad Seng

Also! I spent the week with these super cool dudes. They took most of the above photos, so show them some love because they are the best team ever! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Omg! So many Amazing pics! You were so lucky to Being able to Explore all those things! Seriously love the photos <3 I just went to Marrakech but we also talked about whether it should be Dubai or Marrakech now I know for sure I'll have to visit Dubai as well!!
    Also this is such a great inspiration to travel pics!!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a truly amazing trip. I'll be sure to check it out! Thank you again! <3

  2. I just found your blog and while I was reading your posts I was really in awe with your photos. Your travels are amazing and is truly an inspiration. Can't wait to see more from your blog. a new favorite :)