Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hot Air Ballooning over Dubai Desert
Day at Bab Al Shams
Afternoon visit to Al Maha Resort

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While the whole trip was AMAZING, the last few days were my favourite, probably because everyone grew closer together as a group.

Hot Air Ballooning was an interesting experience, to say the least. This was my first hot air ballooning experience ever! I didn't realise how hot the flame was going to be. The temperature was already at 40 degrees celcius, so everyone was drowning in sweat the entire time. It was a pretty uncomfortable experience, but I would do it all again for the laughs that were had! Pre hot air balloon experience, there was a lot of fog, so we had to wait it out at a petrol station. SO yeah, we shot sunrise here! Yep, there were some cool looking dunes around so we made the most of it. Haha!

After that, and a chill day at the resort, we head to Al Maha Resort for sunset. Al Maha is awesome. It functions as both a five star luxury resort, and conservation reserve. We learned that the resort has hosted many hollywood A-listers, and were invited to peek into a presidential suite (which is to die for!) BUT more importantly, Al Maha is also known as a protected haven for the many species of mammal and birds of Arabia. One of the animals that Al Maha is trying to conserve is the Oryx - such a cool animal (it looks like an Antelope).

Dune Sunrise Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Dune Sunrise Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Dune Sunrise Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Hot Air Balloon Ride Photo by Hailey Bartholomew
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Al Maha Resort
Al Maha Resort

Sunrise in the desert
Ski Dubai!

This morning was my favourite! Although we had already spent a few days in the desert, there was truly something magical in the air that morning. I could have played in the dunes for hours. And we did exactly that! Ironically, after this we checked out of Bab Al Shams and headed straight to Ski Dubai. Yes! Skiing in Dubai! It was also by first time ever skiing. Lichi, Jarrad, Mel and I all had to have lessons, and so now all I know about skiing is how to stop. YAY!

Sunrise in the dunes Photo by Jarrad Seng
Sunrise in the dunes Photo by Matthew Vandeputte
Sunrise in the dunes Photo by Matthew Vandeputte

Tour of Talise Ottoman Spa
Jumeirah Mosque Visit
Al Fahidi District, Souks Tour and Abra ride across Dubai Creek

Our final hotel was Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, and it was the best one. We spent the morning touring the insane spa (you'll have seen if you follow me on Snapchat :D), the pools were insane, the scent was to die for, and they even have a SNOW ROOM. Like what!?!?! 

The majority of the day was spent at Jumeirah Mosque. I loved it here. We had to cover up when we entered, so we were all given an Abaya. I really appreciated this experience, it was quite special and surreal being allowed to enter the mosque. I was really intrigued by the Abaya as I've always wanted to know what it would be like to wear one. Inside the mosque, it's really beautiful. I didn't take photos as I wanted to just sit and enjoy the experience. I recommend a visit here if you're a fan of peaceful places. 

Our final stop was the Souks (market) in the Al Fahidi District. I was exhausted by this time, but there are some really cool local goods on offer here!

Jumeirah Mosque Photo by Lauren Bath
Talise Ottoman Spa Photo by Jarrad Seng
Talise Ottoman Spa Photo by Jarrad Seng
Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Lobby Photo by Matthew Vandeputte

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Photo by Matthew Vandeputte

I hope you've enjoyed this! I'll be bringing a food post to you soon! 


  1. Wow! I'm so happy that you experienced all those. I've been wanting to ride a hot air balloon for a long time now too.

  2. These shots are stunning! Would love to know what you use to edit your photos. They seem so much warmer and brighter besides the crisp clearness of the photos too =)