Monday, March 16, 2015

Lifestyle Retreats: Bali

Thanks to Lifestyle Retreats, our time in Bali was completely magical. I have visited Bali before. Last time I was here, we did the regular tourist jig. It was amazing as we got a taste of the whole Island. But this time we just had the snooze button on for the entire trip, and relaxed for an entire week. Don't get me wrong, we did leave our 'rooms' (incredible villas) every few days to realise that time had in fact passed and the world was still turning, but a lot of our time was spent sipping on pina coladas and laying by our private pool. Here's the full story.

IZE Seminyak
We stayed in three different accomodations, the first was IZE Seminyak. Seminyak is a very busy and upbeat area. A lot of places are within walking distance and the vibe of the area is the kind of vibe you'd get in the city, but it's Bali so you're still on chill mode 24/7. IZE Seminyak is very modern and the decor is on point. We spent both our afternoons there hanging out on the rooftop pool. There's also a pool to be enjoyed on the lowest floor as well! 

IZE Seminyak Lower Floor Pool

Our beds featuring gifts and welcome fruits

Hanging out by the rooftop pool at the bar (The cocktails are delicious!)

Mojito for me!

IZE Seminyak Rooftop Pool

They also serve food! Sooooo good! Pictured: Quesadillas and Quinoa Salad

Buffet Breakfast

We did leave our hotel every so often, I swear! We mainly went shopping while in Seminyak, we also stopped by Kuta for sunset on the Beach. If you stay in Seminyak, I recommend The Bistro for dinner! We had an amazing Valentine's Day dinner there. 

Froyo in Kuta
Froyo in Kuta

Sunset at Kuta Beach

The Santai 
The Santai is next level. It's perfect if you love peace, and privacy. Our mouths literally dropped to the floor when we walked into our villa. It's the stuff you see in movies, only better. The Santai is so serene and is located in a more remote area. Our villa had two rooms, which was meant for four people so we had way more room than we needed. However, the whole private paradise was something I've never experienced before, and can't wait to experience again! The staff are so accommodating here and will drive you anywhere that's within a fifteen minute drive, free of charge! (We did tip!) Service is incredible, I think it's kind of a rule in Bali. Check out time is later than most accommodations, staff are so pleasant and are ready to meet your needs at any time, and room service is (no words). It's really just the best. Go!

Walkway to the Villas

We received a welcome drink at every accommodation & this one was my favourite! 

And we received a welcome snack! This was a surprise - so yummy!

Outside our villa in Faithfull The Brand

Our Villa!

Our Bathroom

... And bath
 We did have the option to have breakfast served in our room free of charge, however we thought we'd leave our room to check out the restaurant! It was kind of a ghost town as I suppose everyone else was enjoying room service in their own villa. Hehe! The banana pancakes were my favourite! 

Breakfast at the Santai

My favourite! Super fluffy banana pancakes

Our villa door

The Balé
And finally welcome to The Balé. The Balé was my favourite! The villas here are so luxurious, yet somehow manage to feel like home. It's an interesting feel, and I loved it. We did have room service a fair few times, simply because we didn't want to leave. The Balé is located in Nusa Dua, so while we were here we went diving, snorkelling, jet boat riding and visited Turtle Island, as the water sport place is very close by! The Balé butler also drove us around whenever we needed to go somewhere close by.  Service was incredible! I especially loved the tapas style dinner we has at the restaurant, Tapas!

Our Villa!

Wearing Faithfull The Brand

Room service :)

Outside our villa

At the main pool

The main/public pool

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary round up of our accommodation in Bali! So thankful to LifeStyle Retreats for their amazing hospitality! I can't wait to return!

Thailand is up next! 


  1. I'm in love with all your posts!!
    Love following you on your little adventures.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm hoping to update my blog more often!

  2. Thinking of going to Bali as my gap year, would you recommend for a solo traveller?

    1. Bali is a great place to start in my opinion! It completely depends on your personality and independence. If you've never travelled alone before (ever) I'd highly recommend Singapore as it's probably one of the safest Asian countries. Be careful and best of luck, you'll have a blast I'm sure! X

  3. Hi Tara, which camera and lens do you normally use? Those photos are gorgeous !

    1. Hi! I just use a Canon 600D with a kit lens! I'm no professional! X