Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wanaka: Part Two

Wanaka is one of those places I want to take to my children to. I can definitely see myself returning to this magical place in the future. I can't quite pinpoint what has me so mesmerised; the sites, the people, the atmosphere, but something has me drawn to this place, and I can't wait to return.

To James' dismay, we spent a morning at the Lavender Farm. Hehe! This one is for the girls who love that heavenly lavender scent. We didn't spend long here, we merely walked up and down the lavender fields a few times, then I perused through the gift shop of lavender-scented goodies. We also tried the lavender chocolate ice cream which was pretty interesting. It's nothing flash, but worth a try! 

We taxied back to town and had a lazy day walking around. Here's a little place that was super cute (and very expensive). This was the Gift Design Store. It's filled will super cute bits and trinkets. I picked up just about everything and gawked at the prices as I turned them over. I loved the decor but didn't pick anything up from here because it was just a bit ridiculous. 

Our afternoon/evening of this lazy day consisted of a bike ride (my second time ever) and fish and chips on the beach. A perfect day all in all. I'm wishing I could have this moment back right now. And of course this was followed up with a Patagongia Banana Chocolate Sundae (a must have)!

We were lucky enough to experience a private 4WD tour thanks to Flight Centre. Our guide drove us for an hour through private exclusive farm land until we reach a peak. We stepped out here, wandered around, took photos and had tea on the cliff side. Then, we turned back around and drove to a 360 degree viewpoint. It was incredibly windy; I was almost blown away, but it was truly spectacular. Here's the evidence:

Yet another day was topped off perfectly as we ended this day at Francesa's. Highly recommended! 

And finally, our Lord of the Rings tour brought us to Queenstown for one night. I booked this tour for my boyfriend as he is a pretty big fan. We did a full day Trails of Middle Earth Tour by Southern Lakes sight seeing. It wasn't highly informative, nor was it fast paced. However, the sites were stunning and it was interesting to see the locations of filming as well as some prop replicas. We also loved the LOTR themed lunch. 

Fun fact: 'Jamboree' means the coming together of people, a gathering/celebration of sorts, and this was also the code name for 'Lord of the Rings' during the time of filming. 

And of course we ended up at Koko Black and Fergburger! Fergburger was highly recommended by everyone, and I'm so glad we got to try it. We went back the next day as well! Go for the Big Al if you're game. We shared this and still couldn't finish it!

Thanks for tuning in to the final part of my Wanaka diary. Hope you enjoyed it!


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  2. What lens did you use for the landscape photos Tara ? I'd love to visit Wanaka one day !