Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tassie Top 4: Part One

I was fortunate enough to make a trip down to Tasmania over the past week thanks to Flight Centre, Tourism Tasmania and Lonely Planet. I spent the week hanging out with some amazing fellow Instagrammers and photographers. Why Tasmania you ask? Tasmania has been awarded the 4th best region to visit in this year's Best In Travel guide from Lonely Planet. Cool, right? These titles aren't just given, they're earned, and Tasmania really sells itself. It's is such a vibrant little place, which boasts amazing produce, vast landscapes, and some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Actually, I met the nicest person in the world while I was there - more on that later. Literally everyone will say hello to you as you walk by. It's kind of strange as people don't often do that in Sydney, but it's such an ideal way to live. Our days were jam packed as we woke up for sunrise every morning and chased the sunset every evening. We stuffed our faces with some of the best food I've ever had in my life and were able to do many different activities that this small but magnificent state has to offer! As a result, here is a photo diary round up of the first half, hope you enjoy it!

Hobart: The city was prepping for the Wooden Boat Festival, which we sadly missed. But we did get to see some of the stunning boats sitting in the Harbour.

Street views of Hobart

Jackman & McRoss: The cutest and very popular little bakery.  The food was stunning & delicious! I ordered a not so little berry tart. Hehe!
Jackman & McRoss 
Said tart from Jackman & McRoss

Stunning structures from the streets of Hobart

The Maker store inside the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart
Frogmore Creek Vineyard
Frogmore Creek

Okay, so Frogmore Creek Winery is the bomb and I would eat here a thousand times over if I could! We were spoilt for choice as their menu was amazingly creative and had a wide variety of selections. We had potato ricotta and raisin gnocchi, beef carpaccio (MY FAVE - with truffle mayo!!!), scallop ceviche, moroccan style skewers, crispy pork belly pancakes, pulled pork sliders ... happy food coma for sure!

Beef Carpaccio, truffle mayo, pecorino, rocket, croutons & homemade breads served with dips and olives.

Potato, ricotta and raisin gnocchi with pecorino tomato relish.
Pulled pork sliders

Pork belly pancakes

Spotted this cute set up by the roadside. Jam business relying on trust. To purchase, you take the jam and deposit the listed amount in the honesty box. Love this concept!

Cascade Brewery 
Established in 1824, Cascade Brewery was a personal highlight - and I don't even drink beer! Joel was the awesome guide who showed us around. I loved seeing how passionate he was about his job. Great guides really make all the difference! He showed us all the processes, but what made the tour were the funny stories about the history as he went along. Here's a snippet: A bell sits up at the front of the brewery, and apparently up until 1993, whenever the bell was rung, workers would stop work for ten minutes and drink as much beer as they could before getting back to work! So Australian. Haha!

Cascade Brewery

The best cider I've ever had! 

Dinner at Wrest Point

Garlic pizza from dinner at Wrest Point

View of Hobart from Wrest Point rooftop
 We spent the first night at Wrest Point and were fortunate enough to get out onto the roof to witness the view and snap some photos!

The view from Wrest Point rooftop

Mount Wellington
We snapped our first sunrise at Mount Wellington - its was three degrees Celsius so my fingers almost fell off, but it was worth it. I never thought I'd say that, haha. Next time I'm taking gloves! 

First Sunrise: Mount Wellington. Photo By Emilie Ristevski

First Sunrise: Mount Wellington Photo By Emilie Ristevski

First Sunrise: Mount Wellington

First Sunrise: Mount Wellington. Photo By Emilie Ristevski

First Sunrise: Mount Wellington
Tassie Top 4: MARIA ISLAND
Pronounced as Mariah Island, this place was one of my biggest highlights from the entire trip. I loved how diverse the landscape was. Each part you entered truly felt like you were in a different place. From the fossil cliffs, to the painted cliffs, to the cove, I loved it all. We also spotted about ten wild wombats, they were a little too cute to handle. I've never seen them in the wild before and I struggled so much as I really wanted to run up to them for cuddles! I guess I would prefer to keep my body intact so I made a good choice by not doing that.

The Fossil Cliffs and Maria Island

The Fossil Cliffs at Maria Island

The Fossil Cliffs at Maria Island

On my way from the Fossil Cliffs to the next location!

Spotted this fella at the cove in Maria Island

See what I mean - it's a completely different landscape on the other side!
The cove at Maria Island

White beaches at Maria Island

The Wharf at Maria Island

Painted Cliffs at Maria Island

Painted Cliffs at Maria Island
P.S. It's a half hour cruise out to the Island. :)

And dinner! The best and most creamy oysters I've had in my life at Swansea.

Stay tuned for more from this amazing region!


  1. AMAZING PHOTOS!!! Really want to visit Tasmania right now. gorgeous cliffs at Maria Island. Anyway, may i know whats camera you are using to take these photos?


    1. Thank you so much!! I'm no professional, but I use a Canon 600D. :)