Monday, July 14, 2014

London Photo Diary: Token Tourists

Hi all! Let's get to it, shall we?

First of all. I'm in love.

Jade and I touched down in London at roughly 6am on Saturday. We were exhausted after spending 24 hours travelling with next to no sleep. We met with our driver, and during the forty minute drive from the airport to our hotel, we were mesmerised by how cute and pretty everything is. I love the architecture, and the fact that the whole of London loves flowers as much as I do (They put them everywhere, on just about everything). London's style semi reminds me of Paddington & Newtown (In Sydney) but served with a gigantic bowl of history. Also, it's huge.

Selfies with Bennie

Our second meal in London. Pre Bus Tour. Buffet breakfast at The Radisson Blu Edwardian Berkshire Hotel.
We spent the first day adjusting ourselves to the time, and on the second day we did 'The Original Tour' Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. We took the Yellow Line which had an English speaking tour guide on the bus to point out all the little details as we drove past, and featured most of the key sights in London.

The map that we pulled out every five minutes. Like, what even is Google Maps?

  We got off at Buckingham Palace first, I kinda couldn't believe I was there for the first five minutes. It looks damn awesome. We arrived at 10am-ish and waited an hour for the changing of the guard. The annoying thing was, that we did this tour on a Sunday, so it was like the whole of London was down there to watch the people in red march around. So it was kind of really hard to see, and a tad boring as a result. Nyeh.

We hopped back on the bus and moved on to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey & The Palace of Westminster (Parliament). Again, everything looks damn awesome. Big bummer at Westminster Abbey though, because as it was Sunday, the guided tours were not on & the galleries were closed. Sad times. (Don't make that mistake dudes, our bad)

Buckingham Palace (Left) + Big Ben (right)
More selfies with Bennie
After buying about a week's wage worth of souvenirs, and fifty selfies later, we left for St Paul's Cathderal, which again, as it's a church and it was Sunday, it was only open for worship. We did do a sneaky peek inside which was freaking amazeballs, so we're returning for that in a few days.

St Paul's Cathedral ft. Telephone Booth (left) + Parliament House (right)
 Next, we went to Tower of London for a gigantic serving of history. We were there for over an hour. There, we got to see the crown jewels (almost cried (not really)) which were incredible. I read something which said there were 314 carats in a single diamond. For a crown. That was worn. One. Time. 
Hold. Me.

Tower Bridge (left) + I think this street leads to Trafalgar Square (right)
TOP (Mango), SHORTS (Vintage), JACKET (Anthropologie), CLUTCH (Mango), GLASSES (Oscar Wylee)
And this is what we wore that day. It was actually perfect for the weather. 

Hope you enjoyed my little recap!

Let me know what you think in the comments. X

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