Thursday, July 24, 2014

London Photo Diary: Part 2

Hello hello! 
I am currently writing from Paris, but I have so many thoughts to share from our last few days in London. 

Since we last spoke, Jade and I visited London's countryside. We did some touristy things, and we shopped and ate to our hearts' content. Here are some pics as evidence.

Day 4:
We decided to make this day a shopping/relaxing day. So, we walked from our hotel to Westfield London. The walk was way longer than we expected. I mean, it was one road, but it was a longggggg road. It was worth it, though! We took the scenic route through Hyde Park, and stopped along the way to enjoy some gelato, cute book stores, and the pastel painted terrace houses in Notting Hill.

Hyde Park featuring me taking le selfie.

Rad mural spotted along the way + awesome minty gelato also found along the way.

Dancing on the streets of Notting Hill.

Evidence of cute book stores + Nandos

We had Nandos for dinner. I can confirm that it tastes exactly the same as Australian Nandos, except they're really big on it here. The Nandos we ate at in Westfield was huge, and it was completely full.

Day 5:
This day was spent doing a full-day Jane Austen tour (I'm a huge fan) in London's countryside with Hidden Britain Tours. It was a bit pricey, so I'd only recommend it to those who are super keen on Jane. We visited the real sites where Jane lived and spent many of her years. 

Unrelated to Jane: Stopped by some poppy fields for a few piccies
I forget the name of this house, but we were told Jane would have been invited here to dance on occasion.

Really yummy (and affordable) lunch at Fur & Feathers in Basingstoke.

The Jane Austen House Museum

'Hot Chic' Chicken Burger from Patty & Bun. Quite possibly the best burger I've ever had.
We had Patty & Bun (on James Street) for dinner which was very close to our accommodation (Radisson Blu Edwardian Berkshire Hotel - on Oxford Street). The burgers here are amazing! We had ours to go because we were tired, and it was almost impossible to get a table anyway. Highly recommended!

Wafflemeister, drool worthy.

Max Brenner had better step up it's game. En route to diabetes... We had Wafflemeister (on Oxford St) for dessert and it was awesome. I am a huge waffle fan, and the amount of toppings they give you make this one waffle become hectic-ly awesome. Everyone should taste this awesomeness at least once or twice (If it doesn't kill you the first time).

Day 6:

This was our last full day in London from our first visit (we'll be returning for  few days before the flight home). We jam packed our day with more things from our touristy to-do list. 

We went to the Tate Modern, saw the Globe, stuffed our faces at the Borough Market, picnicked along the Thames, went to Abbey Road, shopped in Harrods, and I polished off my gift card in Westfield at the end of it all.

Again, here is the evidence.

(No photos allowed at the exhibition in the Tate) *crying emoji*

Shakespeare's Globe. Jade and I were so happy to see this as we remember the days when we played 'Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego'. (best game ever)
The tastiest turkish delight ever + yummy tarts
Fresh juice + fruit
A bit of what we ate: German hotdog with sauerkraut + Thai coconut pancakes (both were okay, Jade loved the hotdog)
Gone in two seconds: Scotch Egg
Snippet of the Abbey Road collector's shop. THE BEATLES AS TEAPOTS.

There's so much more to share, (I will probably post more pics when I return home) but I feel this post is getting way too long. All up, London has been awesome. I have Westfield to thank for putting us up in the Radisson. We couldn't have asked to be in a better location, right on Oxford Street. Also, I have officially become a professional buffet breakfast eater. (see below)

And now, Paris awaits!

Photos by Jade.

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